Dog Boarding and Training with Peggy Moran

Hello! I’m Peggy Moran, and I am an award winning dog writer and dog behavioral trainer. I work with people and their pets, offering a variety of dog training services, including dog boarding and training.

I offer intensive, loving, one-on-one training in my home, where your dog’s educational experiences correlate with the life he or she will be returning to. After completing the boarding and training element of your dog’s education, I offer follow up private lessons in your home or at my new home-based training facility.

Dog Boarding and Training, Manteno, IL
My dogs in their new play yard, Manteno

Staying in my home with our kind, training-experienced¬†family reduces your dog’s anxiety and loneliness while improving dog obedience, behavior and manners.

We DO NOT employ punishment-based training methods!

I promote ethical dog training:

  • Dogs are taught through humane interactions, without fear or pain.
  • Dogs are viewed as subjects, not objects, who are treated with patience and consideration.
  • Dogs are encouraged to think and make choices in a safe, fun learning environment.
  • If you are seeking a quick-fix that takes minimal support from you and your family members, please consider another trainer!
  • Building a relationship with your dog requires your involvement! While it does take some time and thought, the end result is worth your efforts. I will help you understand and connect with your dog in order to make permanent behavior improvements.

    Please call me for more information and to make your dog’s reservation: 708-323-2722


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